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Our topic is Higher Education Funding.

I come from a well-off, conservative family from a well-off conservative area where the high school graduation rate is about 98% with 80% continuing on to college. This means that college tuition is very important to me and the community of those around me. This of course means I carry very conservative views with hard leanings towards lowering taxes and fiscal conservatism. I myself am a libertarian. I believe in small government, personal freedom, independence. I do not look kindly on welfare programs, however I do admit there is a need to help those who are not as well off. That said I do not believe it is the governments job to do so.

I have extremely hard set moral views deriving from a strong personal faith in God and the Bible. I do not believe this fact will affect my view of the topic aside from its support for helping the poor. The person that has probably had the biggest influence on shaping my view is my father, a retired army surgeon, with fiscal conservative views and right leaning social views. He is probably the most intelligent person I know, so I take his view on anything very seriously. Outside of my father, Milton Friedmon, the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Anne Rand, Terry Goodkind, and The Bible have had the biggest impact on my views. These views will affect my view in this subject because I will be against any type of progressive system for tuition rates, and increasing taxes to pay for it. I also have a personal interest in the topic because I am not eligible to receive aid because my parents make more money than the government deems as need worthy, despite the fact that I have been independent from my parents for two years. My high school education was fairly conservative so it would affect me in that way.


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My parents told my brother he didn’t need to go to school because it was a waste of time. He is now 21 years old. He has a year and a half old daughter, and a wife he married 6 months before his daughter was born. My brother does not know how to read, write, or subtract 2 digit numbers. My brother is on welfare. He will most likely be on welfare for the rest of his life.

Two years ago my brother worked at a lumber yard and I was a senior in high school. Just before I graduated my brother was in an industrial accident there. His shirt got caught in a conveyor belt. It pulled in his arm. It pulled all the muscle on his arm from the bone. It did the same to his back. The machine cut open his neck within an inch of his carotid artery. He almost died. That machine took the lives of 2 more of my brother’s friends before the mill was shut down. My brother tells me I am wasting my time at college. He says college has nothing to offer. If it wasn’t for college; I would have probably worked at that mill.

Without higher education funding in Colorado; I couldn’t be in college. I can barely afford to be here now and I have already incurred considerable debt by being here. There are plans to reopen the mill. Now I fear if Colorado higher education funding continues to decline and tuition prices go up; I still might end up at that mill.

I’m not the only person in Colorado who has a situation like this. I pray for their sake the funding comes back.

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Higher Education Funding in Colorado

         I’ve grown up in a middle class family here in Colorado that stresses hard work and a desire for academic success. This has influenced my choice of topic because I want to continue my education by going to college and I have received good grades here at CSU but I find it beyond difficult (still) to get scholarships and pay for college. This topic is important to me because if our state keeps attacking higher learning institutions budgets and funding, I will not be able to pay for college, and the financial strain on my family will put my sisters ability to go to the school of her choice in a hard place. The values that my family have instilled in me don’t seem to be enough anymore to get decent funding for college, and even though my dad works hard and makes good money as with most families all the money he makes isn’t souly going to my college bills. Yet we as students can’t get scholarships because our “families make to much” and they say this as tuition steadily increases. I personally have a bias towards this subject because I am a college student at a higher education facility in Colorado, which is currently facing massive budget cuts and teachers and faculty are loosing facilities and tools that they need for their everyday job. My education directly correlates to this subject because if our funding continues to decrease, tuition continues to increase I will be unable to pay for college.

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