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My early research, the first 6 artifacts I found, were found while looking for information proving a point I no longer support. As a matter of fact the information I found proved the exact opposite point I was trying to make. Originally I found information that I hoped would show that we are paying too much for education here at CSU. I found information from the Education Board, the United Nations, and various statements by the governor and other officials. Upon review they showed I was wrong. I already know where one of my new artifacts is going to come from. It is a letter sent to the campus by Tony Frank. The others will need to be about why additional funding is needed at Colorado State University.


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For my second set of artifacts my research strategy included Google and Bing. For my first article titled “Constitutional Provisions”, I typed the search term Amendment 23 into Google and I chose the first entry because it was the website for the Department of the Treasury of the Colorado Government on Colorado.gov. I felt that this site was very helpful in understanding what amendments have been passed regarding higher education.

For my second artifact I typed Colorado Higher Education Funding Cuts into Bing and clicked on the first entry, which turned out to be a very helpful online newspaper article that addressed what the government is continuing to do to higher education’s budget.

Finally, for my third artifact I once again used Google and typed Colorado State Funding into the search engine and found an article titled “Supporting Excellence: The Funding Challenge for Higher Education”. Even though this was the first entry it provided a very interesting look into the breakdown of CSU’s ideas regarding budget and its trends.

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To begin my research I use EBSCO host to look for articles pertaining to Colorado and Education. I had a great deal of problems when I tried looking here and elsewhere for articles. Not much of what I could find was peer reviewed. I found good information on Colorado.gov but didn’t have time to cite it. I plan on going back and checking for information there.

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I did a search in Google using the key word “Higher Education Funding.” Then I went into some of the links for blogs. From there I used links to articles the cited to find legitimate sources. I used a periodical article from Bloomberg that was reporting on federal spending cuts to higher education because it is a fairly new development in the topic that will likely have reaching effects.

My new research strategy is is to search for more academic types of essays as well as spending reports on higher education at the state level. I will use an academic search engine like EBSCO, academic search premier, CQ, or others to look for essays this time.

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My research strategy was first I went onto CQ researcher and then I typed in “Higher Education/Tuition Increase in Colorado”, then I clicked on the one that seemed to have the most relevance to what I was looking for. I believe that I clicked on the first one, but the information was very helpful.

Then I went to Google and typed in “Higeher Education in Colorado”, then I saw on the third or second one down that it had some statistics so I choose that one.

The third source I actually stumbled upon while I was eating lunch. I went onto Hulu and started watching Jon Stewart and he was talking about teachers and their funding in the educational system.

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